Walking the block or so from my parking space to work is a small joy to me, but today it challenged my willpower.

Yesterday, I decided to substitute tea for coffee at work (those last two words are vital, people). Having taken my coffee and French press home yesterday, into work this morning I carried a bag with two pieces of left-over pizza, one strainer, and a jar of hojicha, a rather tasty Japanese tea.

Walking opposite me, slightly ahead and stepping lively in the same direction was another gent—obviously headed to the office, not unlike me. But very much unlike me, he carried a coffee in hand (or was the coffee carrying him?). Tell-tale white paper cup. Black writing. Cardboard insulating ring. White plastic top. Curse you, doppelganger. Curse you, Starbucks.

Dang, but a grande Americano with three Sugar in the Raw packets and a spot of half-n-half woulda hit the spot.

Why opt for green leaves over ground beans? Part cost, part health, part time. Yes, time. Like many of you perhaps, I enjoy the coffee ritual, the whole process. Beyond preparing your Joe like you like it, there’s something organic about brewing your own coffee (or tea). There’s a connection to it, which makes it more, well, more better.

At the office though, the brewing process is time-consuming when other matters call for my attention. There is also livery of grounds, milk, et. al to the office, to say nothing of cleaning the carafe. Yes, tea requires some of the same TLC, but TLC that weighs less on my wallet, health, and watch.

And at least my friend Java will still meet me

Tuesday mornings with Gary Gary Kool-aid

and Thursday afternoons with Oscar.OscarCoffee

I’ll have my tea…and my coffee, too.  That’s a nice balance, and it’s also an answer to an earlier post.