That’s what I’m doing, thanks to a friend offering the above advice yesterday.  (Thanks, Rache.)  And for a guy who tends to cook his oatmeal on a burner turned up to high, that’s challenging.

Accompanying the advice was a clip of a song of the same name. I played it five times.  (Thanks, Bob.)

The context of the advice is this: I was — am — going in a dozen directions at once.  I need to focus.  Chill.  Simmer down.  Taking the New Year and its offer of a new beginning, I’ve decided to set some definite goals and let the rest subside, i.e., simmer, as it were.

So I focus on my goals.  Write them out.  Add subgoals.  Work toward them.  Other stuff will come up, I know.  Life is like that.  But that notwithstanding, I’m intent on keeping on track. 

Another friend/coworker shared on her site how to put your goals in a book — a smashing way to keep them in your face metaphorically and literally.  (Thanks, San.)  This helps not only keep them in mind, but chronicle your efforts.  I think I’ll try it.

A buddy of mine wrote out two pages of goals, subgoals, dates, etc. a few years ago and went about accomplishing and staying on target more that year than previous.  Great example.  (Thanks, Andrew.)  My turn.

Now, with less than 48 hours until 2010, I’ve gotta get crackin’.