Swiing (left) and Jolt (right) say hello and good-bye

I’m losing a friend today, a friend of the four-wheeled variety.  Swiing is my Saab 900S that has been with me literally through good and bad patches.  I donated him to the Children’s Miracle network, so, as he’s done for me during the last 13 years, he’s going to keep doing somebody some good.  Imma miss Swiing.

Saturday, I got a new friend.  His name is Jolt, a 2012 Volt.  Like Swiing, I’m his second owner.  Imma enjoy Jolt.

This rainy morning, I parked him on the street to make room for Swiing’s last drive down the driveway.  The following conversation (quite possibly could have) ensued.

Swiing: Hey there.
Jolt: Hey!
Swiing: So, I guess you’re the new ride, eh?
Jolt: Yep, that’s me!  My name is Jolt.  What’s yours?
Swiing: Swiing. With two I’s.
Jolt: <raises windshield wipers inquisitively>
Swiing: The “S” and the double I come from “Saab” … the “wing” part comes from Star Wars.
Jolt: How’s that?
Swiing: Derek’s had a tradition of naming cars by tweaking the names of Star Wars vehicles. His Chevy Suburban was “The Imperial Car Destroyer,” and his mom’s tiny, green Geo Metro was “The Millennium Frog.” He even dubbed a sleek rental car “Pave 1,” nodding to Boba Fett’s ride.
Jolt: Ha, nice!
Swiing: Sooo … Jolt?  Is that a departure from the norm?
Jolt: Jolt?  Nah … he and Gabriel settled on it this morning. J is for “Jedi.” Morph that into “Volt” and there ya go.
Swiing: Yep, I’m with ya.  Cool.  So you’re electric? That’s sweet.
Jolt: Thanks.  I’m electric- and gas-powered. The best of both worlds you could say.  Derek’s talked about how good your gas mileage always was.
Swiing: <perks up as much as an 18-year-old car can> Thanks!  Yep, great gas mileage and sporty.  That’s me!  So, I guess you heard that he’s donating me today.  The driver should be here within the hour.
Jolt: Yeah, he mentioned that. Couldn’t sell you, right? Wait … that came out wrong.
Swiing: Hehehe … not a problem.  He’s put a lot of work into me, that guy.  Says his dad inspired him by the way he cared for his Buick Electra. He dad kept it for years … at least three decades!
Jolt: No kidding?
Swiing: No joke! And people would stop at lights and ask him if he wanted to sell it!  You should know that when D’s dad passed, selling it was a tough decision. It’s one that he kinda regrets.
Jolt: Wow.  No kidding?  That’s funny — yesterday, Gabriel told his dad to take care of me so that he could have me when he gets old enough.
Swiing: Aw, that’s rich!  I can see that.
Jolt: I think that Gabriel enjoys me as much as Derek.
Swiing: As much as you look like something out of Star Wars, it’s not hard to guess why.
Jolt: Thanks.
Swiing: You know, you’ve got to take care of him, all of them.
Jolt: I know.  I will.
Swiing: He took care of me the best he could.  And when circumstances were such that he couldn’t do the service that I needed, that was hard for him.
Jolt: Must have been rough.
Swiing: Yeah, but we always had fun.  You will too. You look like you’ve got enough pickup to scare the bejeezus out any unsuspecting passenger.
Jolt: Well, yeah.
Swiing: Good. He’ll enjoy that.
Jolt: He already does. Gabriel too. Carmen not so much.
Swiing: That makes sense. Well, looks like he’s coming to move you to the driveway to make room for the tow truck.
Jolt: Yep.
Swiing: Well, be good to them, you hear?
Jolt: You got it. Take care of yourself, Swiing.