From time to time, new words and phrases come to me. For most of these creations, I’ll put the blame squarely on my working with words 8+ hours/day. I’ll blame chatting in general for inventing today’s vocab: elliptical conversation.

You can bet you’ve had one of these.

elliptical conversation
el·lip·ti·cal con·ver·sa·tion
i-lip-ti-kəl kän-vər-sā-shən
Function: noun
1 : electronic exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas (often through chat) in which two participants carry on said exchanges simultaneously, but not in tandem, often to the bewilderment of both parties   2 : a similar exchange and resulting bewilderment due to bad phone reception

Edwin: “Tré, I just found out that I got that position with the Assurance group! How’s it going?”

Tré: “Congratulations!!! 😛 … How are you feeling?”

Edwin: “Thanks, I didn’t tell my dad yet. :O”

Tré: “All’s well here.”

Edwin: “I’m doing great. Did you get the results back from the lab?”

Tré: “Are you mad at your dad?”

Edwin: “I hope the tests are negative.”

Tré: “I’ve not heard anything negative.”

Edwin: “You just don’t hang around with him enough … jeez!”

Tré: “The guy at the lab?”

Edwin: “Huh?”

Tré: “Huh?”