Georgia Voter sticker, lapel, morning sunshine.

It wasn’t exactly romantic, but it was fun to do together: C & I voted this morning.

We had some spare time, and we both disdain lines at government agencies. So instead of making googly eyes at each other over a few blueberry muffins and a café au lait before work, we exercised our right to vote. Awwwww, sappy.

Dang it was worth it.

You’ll not get anything here about for whom to vote or any political leanings. All I want to say is this: Please vote. Vote for the people you want. Dems. Repubs. Indies. None of them? No problem. Write in, baby. Write in. Just be sure to spell my name right.

The lines in Downtown Decatur were not long at all, making the occasion all the sweeter. And the fact that someone had stuffed the parking meter full of 82 minutes worth of change was a nice surprise. I added a quarter for the next person.


Nathan Hudgins. For a brighter, sillier tomorrow.

Casting our votes was invigorating, a feeling that matched the crisp October air that met us on the sidewalk. C drove off to meet her day. I walked down the street to plug in at a local coffee shop and start work, feeling a high that was somewhere between seeing Testament live and reading some Thomas Paine.

Go git choo some, Amurica. Vote!