It’s said that life is made up of moments. I’d add that those moments are driven by decisions.

For a number of reasons, I’m faced with a disproportionate number of significant decisions right now — over the past few months really. That doesn’t separate me from the pack, I don’t think. But what I hope to offer is something that can help us all, no matter the scale of our decisions.

It’s simple:

  1. Decide to do it.
  2. Do it enthusiastically.

That’s it, really. But step back and look at those points. Anything that’s worth doing follows the above guidance. I don’t hold the copyright, btw; I’ve just decided to take this time-honored advice to heart, because it’s coming at me from all directions.

A mentor (and my senior creative director) keeps telling me, “If you’re going to take a chance [with your writing], go all out. So even if you fail, you do it spectacularly.” So I take a chance and write something that pushes the client’s voice out of its comfort zone.

And they like it.

That little voice inside keeps telling me to not check my email or Facebook on my phone when I could do something productive and fun at home. I choose to listen to that voice, opting to start reading Kim John Payne’s “Simplicity Parenting” tonight.

Within 10 minutes I’ve got half a dozen ideas of how we can improve our family time.

Earlier I was toying with the idea of writing this blog, but hesitating because I know that by writing it down, I’m committing myself to my own advice.

That’s when I get this — a video that reminds me of point #1.

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