This morning’s gathering of the Waldorf PSCAFBG (Parents Seeking Caffeine and Free Baked Goods) was fantastic. Conversation was a litany between several old and new friends. And we were privileged to hear the 4th grade cellists play a few selections, including “Can-can” at half speed.

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Giving comes to mind as I reflect on what impressed me about this morning. One friend I spoke with is co-chairing the Waldorf Annual Fund this year. We talked about giving and how indicative that act is of how one feels about a school, a museum … darn near anything really. WSA has a really high percentage of families that contribute to the Annual Fund.

Although I don’t know any figures, I’d suspect that an even higher percentage of families gives to the school in other ways. Like food! Mr. Crowley’s bread and Chance’s gluten-free goodies from My Beloved Bakery are always welcomed at Coffee Wednesdays!

And there are so many other ways to give. I’d run out of fingers and toes were I to count the families that I know. That’s the cool thing about WSA: we have some structured ways of giving, but I’ve found that if you have a talent that can help the school, it’s welcomed.

I write. So I always support the yearly auction by writing copy for the event. And this year, I aim to assist the Annual Fund through some writing or proofreading.

You go with what you know. As a Bikram yoga teacher — and former USMC drill instructor — once said, “Get in where you fit in.”

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