I’m never going to get these fingernails clean.  They normally are, but Monday threw me a curve — and a realization.

Today, I set about my normal schedule like any other morning: drop G at school, hit up the Atlanta Sukyo Mahikari Center, run an errand or two, then get in about 4-5 hours of work at a local WiFi-enabled joint.  School? check. Center?  Check … um, wait a minute.  Houston, we have a snafu.  It was only after getting there that I recalled that today was the day the gutters were being replaced. And I had forgotten that the day before I’d said, “I’ll try to make it by in the morning and help out a bit.”

In other words, gumption

With the work already in process, I decided the best thing to do since I’d already “made it by in the morning,” was to make good on my word and “help out a bit.”  I’m glad I did, and here’s why: I realized that I was capable of helping and I did it. Gumption.

It was such a cool realization.

To show for it, I got a new battle scar, which is to say I got a boo-boo.  A splinter, specifically.  It hurt pretty bad as far as splinters go, and this one went pretty far.  Boo-boo notwithstanding, it makes me grateful, too, for all the non-writing I did as a young man, for summers and school vacations working construction.  I didn’t always appreciate the work at the time, but thanks to skills learned early on, I could draw on them and put them to good use.

I write for a living and that involves a notable lack of physical activity on the job.  Sure the fingers fly across the keyboard at times, but that counts nothing toward my daily cardio requirements.  But I was able to step right in and get with the program with hardly any instruction.  It felt good.  And it made me grateful that Icould grab a prybar, hammer, caulk gun and get with the program.

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