Again <sigh> it’s been too long between posts. A forthcoming occupational change should lend itself to a remedy. More on that later.

But now, I was struck how much is conveyed without words, namely through our expressions.

See, Gabriel got a haircut today, his first in, yeah, about 4 months. So in lieu of locks meandering past his brow, he has nothing. In fact, the haircut ran so contrary to its former self that his bangs retreated and set up a perimeter just shy of a quarter of his forehead.

And so, this normally animated, expressive child seems even more animated and expressive. It’s a wonderful thing, really.

I suppose we could go into how our electronic medium limits our communication much the same way that Gabriel’s hair hindered his. But, nah. I’m sated to see my son’s full range of emotions made manifest on his full — not partial — face.

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