So through, I answered a query seeking freelance direct mail copywriters for a Japanese audience.  Long story short, the response was quick; the potential client asked me my opinion and my quote for reworking some sample copy.

“Great!” I thought, since I’m trying to build my freelance writing business.

No dice.  You’ve gotten those oh-so-believeable emails from the Nigerian National Lotterie or perhaps the most-certainly-valid requests to help transfer funds from His Most Excellent (and recently deposed) Chancellor of The Unified Australian Outback, right?  Well imagine those put into direct mail form a la Publishers Clearinghouse, yet with slightly less taste and slightly more panache.

You get the picture.

What follows is a bit of an email chain, culminating in what I hope is an epiphany for said would-be client.

I wrote back:

To which I got this reply and further question:

Which, in turn, prompted this missive:

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