Meeting a friend and former colleague for lunch today to celebrate her getting a new – and looong overdue – job was fun. What added to the mirth was the fact that it was $2 burger day at our lunch spot! What fun!

I’m quite happy that she gained much better employment; she deserves it. It was nice to learn that things are swell in some other areas of life too. At some point after she shared good news (and some tough lessons), I told her she had “mesa-ed.”

Her smile carried the momentum of the conversation, but the “What?” required me to explain.

Mesa-ed: (v) having reached a plateau. In this instance, it was metaphorical, of course, in that she’d been through some stuff for an extended period and now she was climbing.

I considered the word cresting, but that would imply the end of a climb and the impending descent. I wanted to avoid that. I wanted to convey something more, something enduring. Reaching the top of a mesa demands a considerable climb, much more than a regular hill or mountain. That, too, is an apt metaphor for challenges in life. But once you’re on top, it’s flat, constant.

Sure, there’ll be changes down the line, but it’s good for her for now. It makes me grateful for where I am, too.

Sorry, no insightful quip in this entry – I think such has kept me from writing so frequently. We’ll have to change that.

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