Up an hour early and with no hopes of returning to dreamland, your friendly, neighborhood writer gets up to do what writers do best: drink coffee.

And write.

I’d like to depart from the deep, heavily mental current we’ve had here as of late at Heavy Mental and float into calmer, topical, tropical waters.  Going from “what’s best” to “what’s new,” as it were.

A chipped tooth is new.  Well, not so new as the chipped tooth had been repaired once.  What is new, however was the novocaine (spelled right?) shot I got before the dental work.  Dr. Schaeffer is the best dentist I’ve ever had; of all the shots I’ve gotten from him, this was — I swear this is true! — the first one that I’ve felt at all.  And the guy doesn’t even use that numbing gel before sticking it to you!

I don't look like this. Yet.

The chip was the upper front tooth — easily noticeable when I did things like laugh, sneeze, and rarer activities like breathing.  Note to self: Self, take a picture if this happens again. 

Given, between your upper lip and the rest of your face, there’s not a lot of tissue.  We’re talking bone, tooth, and not so much navigable real estate.  So, when the good doctor injected the happy juice, the presence of the shot was, well, accentuated.

I felt it in my gums, yes, but I felt it, oddly enough, in my nose, too.  I swear that thing hit the right nostril.  I would have been only mildly surprised had I seen novocaine shooting out my nose.

After a good five-plus minutes, I was comfortably numb.  It was like Pink Floyd was playing an extended encore in my mouth, which as I would at the time enunciate, “Mah mouff.”

In the end, the toof looks fine and feels solid, colored a lovely shade of ecru/Colombian Supremo/mother of pearl.   Although Dr. Schaeffer offered a gold filling — “since we’re in Atlanta” — I opted against the dental bling.

And once again, I am a walking advertisement for Blue Creek Dental.

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