Thsi will be D with two more months of training.  Less the hair-do.

This will be D with two more months of training. Less the hair-do.

Dwayne is our teammate who is responsible for his opponent’s ambulance ride. A great fighter and always constructive in his input, D is nothing if not focused.

As I understand it, when he moved, the location of work and KnuckleUp Fitness weighed equally in his decision of where to live. Personally, I consider him an unofficial captain of sorts, although I suppose we all fill that role for each other.

His response:

“As a kid, I’ve always been interested in martial arts. The Last Dragon and old kung-fu flicks sparked my curiosity. Living most of my life in South Carolina robbed me of any real opportunity to get into the art form as a youngster. Still interested, in college the thought crossed my mind quite often but being the typical college student, I couldn’t afford it.

Fast forward to me gaining weight to the point of me being 240 pounds. Sitting at a desk and being inactive for the three years prior, I decided that I needed to do something. I tried the ‘typical gym’ but that didn’t hold my interest. A friend of mine introduced me to knuckle up. There, I finally got a chance to train. While training, I was introduced to Muay Thai. I had only really seen Muay Thai in the movie Ong Bak.

After doing the fitness kickboxing class for a year, I decided that I wanted to further my Muay Thai learnings. The fact that Muay Thai enables you to utilize vicious knees and elbows up close and a combination of kicks and punches to destroy an opponent attracted me to it. I chose this discipline over boxing mostly because I get the best of both worlds. Adding an extra 6 limbs (2 elbows, 2 knees & 2 shins) gives me a distinct advantage in a fight than just the typical boxer. Not taking anything away from a boxer. I have these weapons, why not use them? As with any other art form, it requires a certain amount of discipline. Training for my first fight made me set clear goals and meet them. I feel that there is so much more for me to learn a more potential for me to unlock.

Before I started the fitness class, I didn’t even know how to stand in a proper boxing stance. I believe I’ve always had natural athletic ability, which helped me catch on to Muay Thai quickly. In addition to Muay Thai, I would like to expand my knowledge of other martial arts such as BJJ & Capoeira.”

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