<Please note, y’all, I made this post public well after leaving my former employer, so please don’t mistake it for my current one.  ~DH>

Once again, I find myself in “The Office” environment, without the sit-com frivolity.


I’m grateful to be employed, for certain. How’d this happen? Lemme ‘splain…well, it’s a bit boring in the minutiae, so lemme sum up…

[My former employer] decided to change our offices from the way-cool, trendy architecture of our Midtown location to the main offices, which are distinctly, well, circa 1987. I dig the banana trees (and might use those to practice my kicks at lunch), but find myself in cubeworld again.

Luckily, I’ve got a great bunch of “quad-mates.” We’ve got four of us to a cube, our backs toward the center of a 10’x10′ square. But, hey, we have fun, and that’s what matters.

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