I sure love Asian all-you-can-eat buffets…you know, the kind with a name like: Red Jade Dragon Garden Pearl Tower Happy Szechuan Buddha XII. I don’t frequent such places as I’m finicky about keeping my food as chemical free as possible, to say nothing of the other (un)health(ly) aspects.

More importantly, these places, by their very classification—all-you-can-eat—encourage you to consume more. More than we should.

And so I usually do. I sit there with belly full of sesame chicken, rice, noodles, General Tsao’s something-or-other, sushi, wasabi, edamame, egg drop soup, House Special fried rice, and dim sum. Having eaten all I could eat…and dim sum more, I realize I’m experiencing the same bloated feeling on the mental level, too.

Does our culture not encourage us to consume more? More than we should. I think it does. Now, I love capitalism, and I work in marketing, so perhaps I’m biting the hand that feeds me and kicking the shin that brings me my food. But perhaps from my political and occupational perspective, I’m privy to just how much our culture drives over-consumption, that is, more consumption than is healthy. Maybe that’s why I’m acutely disturbed by our rampant consumerism.

For a taste of the converse, you might be interested in Get Satisfied: How Twenty People Like You Found the Satisfaction of Enough by Derek Donald Hambrick…and 19 other authors.

If you’re interested in getting a copy for yourself or someone bloated with materialism gone wild, lemme know.

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